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Portrait-Serigne Cheikh Tidiane Sy al Makhtoum : the mystic

SOURCE-GFM (Tivaouane) The Gamou edition 2014 is expected Monday in the Muslim world. A Tivaouane, la ville de El Hadj Malick Sy, the Tidianes talibes from the four corners of Senegal have finished installing their neighborhood in the religious city. The atmosphere is the fervor and meditation. On this day of celebration of the birth of the Prophet of Islam, Mohamed (PSL), IGFM offers a portrait of the current general caliph of Tidiane, Serigne Cheikh Ahmad Tidiane Sy Makhtoum, the most far away.

Serigne Cheikh Tidiane Sy Ahmad Maktoum takes a double privilege of her marital status. We Tidjaniyya, Sufi, was founded by its namesake, l’Algérien Aboul Abbas Ahmad At-Tidjani (1737-1815), and widely propagated by his grandfather, El Hadji Malick Sy, hagiographe du prophète Mohamed (PSL).

A native of St. Louis as his father, Ababacar Sy, Khalife des tidjanes the 1922 to 1957, he is the third son, Serigne Cheikh Tidiane Sy is now in its 88 th year. It reveals the path of a spiritual guide who has freed himself of conservatism, peculiar to Islam in Senegal, to endeavor to give a strong personal identity, that opening of a human.

Beyond the consideration based on his ancestry (descendant of El-Hadji Malick Sy, the almamy Rip and Bour Sine), its influence in the Senegalese Muslim community is the result of his personal journey.

Early, Serigne Cheikh Tidiane tried to reform its family environment. It installs the phone to the Caliph and getting used to the world wearing the outfit called Western and public appearances, Chief disheveled.

This raises controversies opening. For example, among religious, the cap is part of the complete. During a religious talk, the 26 more 1950 Tivaouane, young marabout supported : "Religion should not make neutral about the work of global reform. (…) Learn his religious duties and practice does not exclude handicrafts and mind that lead to the betterment of humanity. This is another field that should not flee for any reason ".

Several registers, intellectual, social, theological, political and economic, characterize his career. This plural dimension marks his public lectures or his talk on the occasion of the commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed (571-622). Besides, for nearly a decade, the famous Sheikh, alone with his faithful to Field racing Tivaouane (92 Km). This is the third organized Gamou, concurrently, next to that of his brothers and one of his cousins. The first split date of early 50, due to a conflict between Khalifa Babacar and his half-brothers.

This old division occurred half a century after the launch by El-Hadji Malick Sy of the impetus it provided to the anniversary of the "Mawlidi nabi", by celebrating with "Bourda", masterpiece Mohamed Bouchri. They are written panegyrics on the prophet sung a decade before the eve of Gamou. The d-day, speakers of these three poles comment on the "Khilasu Zahab" or "mimiya", major work of their ancestor on the prophet's life.

Tivaouane is the attraction of Senegalese Muslims on the occasion of the celebration of Maouloud. This commemoration of the birth of Prophet Mohammed (PSL), the 111-th edition in the city since it was launched by El-Hadji Malick Sy. The advent of this scholar and mystic (1855-1922) was announced by El-Hadji Oumar Tall Foutiyou as his successor at the head of the Tijaniyya.

In his spiritual training, Sheikh Ahmed Tidiane Maktoum claims "unfailing loyalty to the teachings of Serigne Babacar Sy", his father it takes to "single spiritual master". However, he does not hide his admiration for a full Alioune Gueye Serigne trainer, as he likes to call his other professors of Islamic Sciences, l’imam Moussa Niang et Chaybatou Fall. Also, he recalls often passing into the hands of his uncle El-Hadji Abdoul Aziz Sy and lessons learned and diction of this renowned pedagogue. They lived together in Guinguinéo (centre). The echo of hymns Dabbah still rings in Senegal, 15 years after his death.

Contemporaries Cheikh Tidiane Maktoum Tivaouane hold him "a gifted learner", talibé smoothly reciting her lessons while returning from other occupations while his comrades learned. Already at age 14, he completed the lower and middle cycles of Islamic studies prematurely. A 16 years, he published his first book : "The vices of marabouts". Later, he wrote "The unknown of the Senegalese nation : El-Hadji Malick Sy”. In trentaine, he made his first trip to Paris where he lives, much later for five years, a kind of exile.

This intellectual precocity fact that he plays a leading role in the entourage of his father. The last years of the Caliphate of Serigne Babacar, Sheikh animated, on designation, the Gamou and he was the speaker of dahiras (circles talibes) and official delegations.

After recalling God of the deceased caliph, Serigne Cheikh uses this influence with his father and his own aura with muqqadams (dignitaries) and faithful to claim legitimacy in succession. And since, he did not let go !

This maturity is brought into contact with politicians with whom also the relationships evolve sawtooth. He was the founder of the Party of Senegal solidarity (PSS, opposition à Senghor), with various policies including Seydou Ndao Ibrahima Wade and Mr. Moustapha, and the marabout Cheikh Ibrahima Niasse. In 1959, contesting election results deemed "truncated" by the PSS and PAI (left) Sheikh worth a prison stay.

Years later, Senghor appointed ambassador to Cairo from the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria). The end was not successful. Accusations of "mismanagement" mingle those of a "disturbing approchement with Arab-Muslim community". The concern was mostly French authorities and pro-French in the entourage of Senghor.

A fact : the marabout ambassador developing cultural cooperation and was coming thousands of books to Arabists Senegalese.

"At the risk of repeating myself, I remind you that your role is primarily to investigate and organize the nature that is within us and outside us, to the advent of justice, goodness and peace ", he said during a religious conference, en mai 1961 Rufisque.

With successive regimes before and after independence, his political career is full of contacts and distances. But, among intellectuals including scholars in Arabic, Serigne Cheikh Tidiane embodies renewal in Islam in Senegal. In 1955, young marabout Tidjane rises Islamic Educational Association at the same time he throws the paper "Islam eternal". Thus, he multiplies thematic conferences on Islam, Company, la science, culture and politics. His old audience remembers that on "Islam and negritude".

“En lui, Cheikh Tidiane, was achieved double quest for "'Insanoul kamil" (the perfect man) in Islamic perspective : this spiritual being who lives only for God duet with earthly being, who work and fight as if he should ever leave this world ", wrote, in the journal The Muslim World, October 1995, Cheikh Abdoulaye Dièye.

"Poet myself, I've been too young amazed by the purity and originality of his style and nobility that conveyed his poetry. His poem is all, finesse and intelligence and sees right through its outputs. His clothing to his gesture through its evocative verb ", added the deceased and religious Senegalese politician.

Mystique, intellectual and political, Cheikh Tidiane guard his hunting board the figure of businessman. Producer of peanuts in the Saloum (centre), it is then interested in the industry (oil mill and preserved tomato) before becoming the majority shareholder in the only cement the country at the time, SOCOCIM Rufisque. His quarrel with the Diouf regime earned him a lot of trouble in this portfolio. Also, are discussed his past in the transport interests.

Today, the weight of age and extent of the responsibilities confine more withdrawal than ever.

Prevents, critics still see his inspiration from manifestations of Dahira moustarchidin wal Moustarchidati, the youth movement led by his son Serigne Moustapha Sy. Serigne Cheikh is their spiritual guide, even if he himself be their classmate in the legacy Khalifa Ababacar Sy.

Bacary Sambe, doctorate in political science and researcher at the House of Eastern Mediterranean, Université Lumière Lyon 2, fell in an article that "Sheikh Ahmed Tidiane Sy Maktoum was, also, presented by Editions Dar al-Hayat Makbat Beirut in these terms : It is currently among the men who work for the interests of Muslims and humanity. He enjoys the esteem and sincere friendship of all the leaders of the Arab world. They feel for his vision, human qualities and his political wisdom ".

In an analysis dated September 1995 on relations between Islam and the West, following a positive assessment of Prince Charles of England on the contribution of the Muslim religion in the progress of Europe, Cheikh Tidiane Sy supported him and that "It is not because there are uncultivated among Westerners and revolt among Muslims that everything must crumble. We must help each other to be less recalcitrant ".

However, after the outbreak of the war in Iraq, by Anglo-American forces, Senegalese religious leader had strongly protested against the various bases of the armed attack. Thursday 15 more 2003, at the Gamou, he pleaded for a reform of international systems. "Financial systems, political and religious are wrong damn. You can not globalize stupidity ! The failure is obvious observation systems. Those who advocate globalization, themselves, are lost every day ".

"Man is the first project of God and his last creature. A travers lui, the Lord shows his omniscience that every believer must meditate. The reign of widespread blindness makes it necessary for a return to the Muslim divine sources : God, the Prophet and the Koran. Anything that can save human, is her determination to pay attention to the powers of the Lord and God made his envoy (le prophète Mohamed) virgin soil for the coming of the Quran ".

When Gamou 2007, Serigne Cheikh Tidiane Sy Maktoum invité les adultes, especially Koranic teachers, namely "behave appropriately with children, to be nice to them ". "There has to know only scold or assaulted children while this does not. Just as it is forbidden, en islam, transform children into beggars in rags wandering the streets. Besides, to fulfill a personal vow, pass by children ".

Serigne Cheikh, it is mainly the control of the parable as a method of education allusive. He often couple with humor or derision. "Try you learn classical Arabic, the language of the prophet is that of the Hereafter because there speak French or whatever ".

(Source Asfiyahi.Org)

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