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NEWSGRAMS – Barbaric act in Tambacounda: Assault and rape of a woman old.

SOURCE: Rewmi – Accused of raping and assaulting an old lady, Idrissa Diallo, old 20 years was summoned and placed in custody in the prison and correction Tambacounda. The facts are passed 26 January 2014, that day, M kanté was released for sale stones truckers to survive. And merchant in a quiet place, the old has been wronged by I. Diallo.
Armed with machetes, the young rapist satisfied his libido and attacks the old with deep wounds before removing the sum of 40000 FCFA to the victim. Rescued by a man of faith, the old lady was rushed to the hospital for intensive care.
After 18 Medical rest days, old went to the police to tell his drama : "I saw him coming behind me eagerly. I wanted to run, but he was too fast. He grabbed me from behind before switching me down. I tried to resist, but he was armed with machetes and was stronger than me. He has given me several times machete fingers before dragging me into the rocks to rape me. Then, he took the 40000 I kept FCFA and let me thank you for the forest disappearing "informed the lady.
After being arrested by the police, Idrissa Diallo is behind bars pending the Attorney Demba Traoré's decision on his fate.

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